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Title : Machete
Release : 2010
Rating : 6.7
Language : English, Spanish, Hungarian
Runtime : 0
Genre : Action,Crime,Thriller
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Machete opens along a road through Mexican mesa. A car rides down the road, occupied by two Federales-- Machete Cortez (Danny Trejo) and his partner (Vic Trevino). They are en route to rescue a young woman (Mayra Leal) held captive by a ruthless drug lord named Torrez (Steven Seagal), who was once Machete's partner in the Federales. Machete's current partner is furious at the rescue mission, saying that the girl is probably locked up somewhere, heavily drugged, and is just another of many dozens of kidnap victims; they do not need to go and rescue her. Machete calmly asks his partner, 'if not us, then who?'Machete's cell phone rings. His direct superior, the Mexican Federal chief (Alejandro Antonio), angrily orders that they stop and wait for backup to arrive. They are not to disobey orders and storm the place where the girl is believed to be held, alone. Machete takes the phone and crushes it in his hand.Roaring into a small villa, the car stops at a three-story house with barred windows. Three men step out of the house, heavily armed. Machete throws the car into reverse and backs up a number of yards. His partner bravely tells Machete that he is with him, calling him 'boss.' Machete holds up a large, wickedly sharp machete (from which he gets his name) and says in English, 'this is the boss.'Machete then propels his car forward, racing straight toward the house and the men in front of it. They open fire as the car roars toward them, Machete's partner firing back through the windshield. The partner is hit by a hail of gunfire shortly before the car plows through their line. They leap away as the car crashes through the front of the house. Machete apologizes to his partner, who lays dead beside him.Charging into the house, Machete promptly foils an ambush, slicing off the hand of an assailant pointing a gun at him. Catching the gun, with the severed hand still holding it, Machete wades into battle, slaughtering all of the men in the house with both the gun and his machete. He smashes into the room where the kidnap victim lays naked on the bed. She sits up as he enters, balking at his order to get dressed. He scoops her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and starts carrying her out, the girl seeming to enjoy it.More of Torrez's men enter the house. Machete puts the girl down and she starts feeling his muscles. Touching his machete, she asks if it's sharp. Told that it is, she pulls it from his belt and stabs Machete through the thigh, incapacitating him. She kicks him in the face and pulls out a small mobile device hidden within her private parts, saying, 'I got him.'To Machete's horror, the Federal chief walks in, telling him he should have stood down like he was ordered. Machete's superior is working for Torrez. Torrez himself walks in, accompanied by his henchwoman/slave girl (Cheryl Chin), who rewards the naked chica for her work in capturing Machete... with a bullet through her head. Torrez is disappointed that Machete is the only one of the Federales who doesn't take bribe money to look the other way on Torrez's activities. Everyone in the DEA and the Marshals is doing so. Finally Torrez says he should ask Machete's wife. Machete is horrified as his wife (Nina Leon) is brought in and slaughtered right in front of him. Torrez then coldly says that Machete's daughter has already suffered the same fate as her mother. Aiming his katana at Machete's neck, Torrez says beheading him would give him an honorable death. But an honorable death is exactly what Torrez doesn't want to offer Machete. He has his men kick Machete down and set the house on fire, leaving him to burn.The opening credits play.A small day labor site in Texas, three years later. Mexican day laborers gather here, hiring out performing menial tasks that will earn them and their loved ones a living. A radio program is heard playing; the host is interviewing Franklin Jonas, deputy director of the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office. Jonas is discussing the ongoing effort to enforce US border security against illegal immigration. Jonas says that battling the stem of illegal immigration is difficult because of the long border between Texas and Mexico. He says they need to dismantle a large, elaborate support network that helps immigrants cross the border and settle in America, finding them jobs, resulting in American citizens remaining unemployed and poor. Jonas says ICE's best agents are investigating the network in an effort to dismantle it.One such agent is busy at work as she listens to the radio program... Agent Sartana Rivera (Jessica Alba). She is doing surveillance and taking photos at a small taco/coffee stand run by a pretty young woman named Luz (Michelle Rodriguez). Sartana suspects Luz as the Network's kingpin, code-named 'Sh

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