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Scarecrow's Revenge

Scarecrow's Revenge

Title : Scarecrow's Revenge
Release : 2019
Rating : 2.5
Language : English
Runtime : 0
Genre : Horror
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A band of Viking Warriors, banishes Henrik from their village after his attempts to defile one of the warriors daughter. Overcome with rage and vengeful lust, Henrik goes to the Witch of the Lake, where no man has ever returned alive. In exchange for his Earthly body and mortal soul, Henrik is given 48 hours in a new, and near indestructible vessel, that of a cursed Scarecrow. Henrik sets out to destroy the Warriors, and the entire viking village, whilst the Witch waits with the promise of fresh souls to consume. As the Warriors fall to the unstoppable Scarecrow, the Chief's daughter, Greta, defies her fathers wishes and sets out to fight. She suddenly finds the fate of the village in her hands and discovers hidden truths about her lineage that will define her future and the fate of those villagers. Only by embracing a part of herself she never realised existed, can she stop Henrik, but that comes at a price.

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Writer :

Tom Jolliffe

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Sarah T. Cohen Sarah T. Cohen , Peter Cosgrove Peter Cosgrove , Richard D. Myers Richard D. Myers , Shaila Alvarez Shaila Alvarez
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